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Home Loans Made Simple and Fast with an Expert Mortgage Broker

Home Loans Made Simple and Fast with an Expert Mortgage Broker

Home Loans Made Simple and Fast with an Expert Mortgage BrokerHome Loans Made Simple and Fast with an Expert Mortgage BrokerHome Loans Made Simple and Fast with an Expert Mortgage Broker

Getting the right advice is vital for making the right decisions. We take pride in our quick responses and expert advice.


Is MortgageWise Right For You?

Couple talking to a mortgage broker in a house

How many of these important points can you answer "Yes" to?

  • "I want the best deal I can get"
  • "I would like expert advice on the best loan options"
  • "I'm busy, I want someone to do it all for me"
  • "I want to know if I qualify and how much I can borrow"
  • "I'm not sure how to proceed, I want expert help"
  • "I prefer dealing with a mortgage broker rather than through a bank"
  • "I want to deal with the boss, not an employee"

If you answered "Yes" to just one of these, then you've reached the right place. Please read on. Your solution is not far away. 

Your Solutions

  • Best Deal:  Yes, at MortgageWise we monitor all available interest rates from all lenders daily. We also understand when your deal is worth a discount better than the advertised rates and we will press the lender hard to get it. That goes for cash contributions as well. 

  • Expert Advice:  You got it, through over 30 years in the winner-take-all bear pit of business, with 18 of those in banking and finance, we come armed with the knowledge and toughness needed to succeed.  We know all the best loan options and how to customise them to suit YOU. It's yours to use.

  • You're Busy:  Of course, doing what you're good at and knowing how to delegate.  We understand. We're busy too doing what we do best.  Say the word and we're on the job.  Give us what we want and we'll get you what you need - a good clean deal with no fuss and all the details taken care of.  We'll talk to your real estate agent, lawyer, accountant, valuer, banker, building inspector, whoever we need to so you can keep calm and carry on.

  • Want To Know If You Qualify:  We can give you an indication and an idea of how much you can borrow on the phone in a few minutes. Just make sure you tell us everything we need to know so we can work it out as we speak.  Text BROKER or pick up the phone now. 021 510 608

  • Prefer a Mortgage Broker:  Of course you do!  You can't get this level of service or choice from a bank and legging it around all the banks on your own would be painful and a waste of your valuable time!  Besides, the bank works for the bank, we work for YOU.

  • You Want The Boss:  Someone who can make decisions without consulting someone higher up.  Ok, then you need to talk to Bernie. the buck stops there. Not only is he the Boss, he owns the company. Here's his cell phone: 021 510 608. Don't call after 8pm, he's probably playing in his band! But feel free to drop him a text and he'll call you back in the morning. Sleep tight, you're now in good hands.

So the next step in getting your solution is to get in touch.  We've provided a few ways to do this, or you can continue looking around our site for other titbits of info you might find valuable. Then get in touch.

A Big Decision

Getting It Right First Time

Buying a house is the biggest investment most people will make  and your decision what to buy is not taken lightly.

Organising your home loan and insurance is equally important and it's vital to not only get the best deal possible but also set it up so that you can afford the repayments without crippling your lifestyle.

It makes sense to have an expert on your side who knows the business and can go the extra mile to get you across the line.

We've helped hundreds of families into their first or next home and a quick chat with us on the phone will assure you that you've found the right person to do the job for you and your family, so call now or text BROKER to 021 510608 or use the Contact Form and find out how quick and easy it will be.