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Accredited introducer for major NZ banks, lending institutions and private lenders

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The first thing most people do is go into their bank to discuss their options. Most personal bankers will be unable to offer the advice that registered Mortgage Brokers can. Sell or buy first? Is a bridging loan needed? Where do you get it? What kind of deal can you expect?


The answers to these questions will depend on;

   - are you planning to buy at auction?

   - are you planning to sell at auction?

   - how much equity  you have in your home?

   - has your financial situation changed since you got your first loan?


Other Considerations;

   - what happens if you buy and can't sell?

   - what happens if you sell and get shut out of the market?

   - is it best to stay with your own bank? Or should you move?

   - should you get valuations done?

   - is pre-approval the best way to go?


The only way to answer these questions properly is to meet with a qualified and experienced Mortgage Broker. We will sit down alongside you in your home and help you organise a plan that suits you and your situation. We'll also make sure you get the best deal possible from the lender including any bank incentives and rates discounts.

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