Bernie Cook

Mortgage Adviser


Accredited introducer for major NZ banks, lending institutions and private lenders

0800 510 608

smart thinking

Not much really. We'll do all the paperwork for you to get the loan sorted. Most banks have a hand-over team that helps you migrate your accounts to them. They will organise your auto payments, accounts, credit cards if you choose to take everything with you, because they want it to be easy for you. We'll arrange the introduction and let them know how important you are!


You won't believe how good it feels to be treated like a valued customer again!

What's Involved?

There are some who say we should change our bank every few years or so just to get treated like a new customer! We have no opinion either way. But we do know how to get the job done with a minimum of fuss if you choose to do so.


Of course we present your business to the new bank in such a way that you will be getting the best deal on offer. We are great negotiators on behalf of our clients!


Quite often the new bank will pay handsomely to get your business and treat you like a star. And don't we all deserve that?

Taking your Home Loan to another bank is easy.


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