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If you own a home in Auckland, in the last few years you've seemingly made a fortune out of your home and have a lot of equity, but what good does it do you unless you sell? How will you retire in years to come and keep your home?                                      


I can help you leverage your equity and put that profit to work for you with an ongoing passive income stream while you keep your house.


I'm an experienced investor with positively geared properties and I know how to release equity to produce income.


So call me now to discuss your options. With the right help, it's a lot easier than you think!

One of my positively geared investment properties

Your Expert for Investment Property Loans

It's become increasingly difficult lately to find properties that provide a positive return, that is, where the rental pays for the interest, rates, insurance and other costs and still leaves a surplus.


This is what most investors are looking for but this is almost impossible to find in Auckland now where rent is lagging behind property values. So many are looking outside Auckland now for these opportunities and they can certainly be found in provincial towns and cities. Buying in these places does pose a risk however, particularly when buying in areas that appear cheap but which also lack a ready supply of quality tenants.


There are places where all the boxes are ticked and quality tenants are available. It pays to do your homework thoroughly. So to start the ball rolling why not contact an Auckland Mortgage Broker (now known as Financial Adviser) who is also an investor?

As an experienced mortgage broker for the last 13 years and a banker before that, I have helped many of my clients throughout Auckland and around the world use the equity in their home to acquire further property or develop the property they already own.


They all have one thing in common: they want to secure their future in retirement and are prepared to make the decisions needed over the long term to achieve this.


One of the major benefits in getting me on board is that I have a wide circle of experts in my network I can refer you to for the best advice in terms of location, property management, legal and taxation matters, and I'm happy to share that with those who qualify for an equity release loan.

Positively Geared Investment Properties

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