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Accredited introducer for major NZ banks, lending institutions and private lenders

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smart thinking


Congratulations! You are making the first and probably biggest step in securing your financial future. Well done!


Wow! There's a lot to know and learn, and we guess you don't want to make any mistakes.


We've helped a lot of first home buyers over the years so we know exactly how you must be feeling right now.


The good news is that we can help with the right financial advice and a few tips on how to proceed once you've chosen a house. We have an extensive network of experts such as accountants, lawyers, real estate people, building inspectors and valuers you can tap into. This means you can get expert advice on all aspects of your purchase and avoid the mistakes that can be made when making your first purchase.


Just give us call and we'll pitch in and help.


Having trouble getting into the Auckland market? Here's a possible solution...

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