Bernie Cook

Mortgage Adviser


Accredited introducer for major NZ banks, lending institutions and private lenders

0800 510 608

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                                   Charges and Fees




Loans raised through all of the major banks with which we are registered as authorised introducers attract no fee from us. Our service is paid for by the banks by way of a commission based on the size of the loan. Some lenders may pay us a trail income in return for us looking after you as a customer.


If we raise funds for you from private lenders and no commission is paid to us, then we will charge a minimum fee of $1,000 + GST or 1% of the loan value which ever is greater.


If we raise funds for you from a bank and you repay the loan within two years, then a claw back fee equivalent to the claw back charged to MortgageWise by the lender will be payable by you to us. You agree to this by signing our Customer Declaration and Consent form where the condition is stated in full.


We will inform you before we start an application if a fee is to be charged or not.

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