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Cash Rewards!





                                     Take out your home loan through MortgageWise, refer friends,

                                     relatives or colleagues and earn a Cash Reward of $500 for every new

                                     loan over $250,000 that settles as a result of your referrals.


This is on top of any cash benefits offered by the bank, interest rate discounts or other incentives available from time to time for you and your referrals.


All you need to do is pass on the name to us of your friend, relative or colleague after telling them about MortgageWise and you are registered to earn the Reward when their loan settles.



* you must have settled a home loan with MortgageWise to be elegible for Cash Rewards.

* minimum loan is $250,000.

* the referral must be a new customer to MortgageWise and it's predecessor Cook Home Loans.

* only one Reward is paid per new customer and that Reward will be paid to the first MortgageWise customer to refer that person.

* the Reward applies to the total borrowings only and is not paid for each split of the total loan.

* if the referred loan is repaid within 18 months of the date of draw down then the Reward must be repaid upon demand.

* the new loan must be settled within 3 months of the referral otherwise the Reward will expire.

Be Mortgage Wise!

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