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smart thinking


Lenders are really only interested in 4 things:


1. What's your credit rating like

2. How much do you earn

3. How much deposit/equity do you have

4. What can they sell if you don't pay it back


Within this list is a lot of detail the combination of which affects how much you can borrow. So while you might get an "indicative approval" from an online calculator, the devil is in the detail and you may find the answer is different once it gets in front of a lending manager. So what looked like an easy option could become a time consuming frustration.


Talk to an expert from the outset


This is why you are wanting a broker. We can get to the heart of what you need and how much you can borrow quickly using our knowledge of the different policies of different lenders and our years of experience. We look outside the square for creative solutions that a computer program simply can't even get close to. It really is the quickest and less stressful way of getting your home loan, so call us now and find out for sure.



What's Your Borrowing Power?

If you want a very rough idea of how much you can borrow, multiply your annual joint gross income by 5.

That's a ball park figure but there are a lot of factors that can change that up or down, so best to call us.

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