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We're a phone call away. We know you're busy at work and so we can meet you at your home after hours. No need to take time off to go to the bank, we can get the whole thing done in an hour at your home.


You'll get the benefit of being able to look over the loan products of many different lenders explained in easy to understand terms at your table instead of trawling the internet for hours or tramping around the banks trying to sort through the various sales pitches.


You won't get sales talk, just the facts about each lender and their products. You'll get their 'fine print' explained in simple terms.


You'll come away with an understanding of your options.


You'll have all the paperwork done for you. We'll even assist you getting your supporting documents together.


We'll organise your loan to suit you rather than the lender. We'll make sure that it fits your situation and future plans.



     My husband and I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to you both for all the hard work you both did in helping us with our mortgage(s). We really appreciated the professionalism and kindness you showed us, especially when we would call you in the evenings with last minute problems and questions! You were both very reassuring. during the course of buying a section and building our house you both stayed in touch and negotiated very competitive interest rates which has helped us a lot financially. We will definitely be highly recommending you to our family and friends.

Once again, thank you both for making our dream to own our lovely family home, a reality.

the Mattsons

MortgageWise is an Auckland financial service owned and operated by Bernard Cook, (Bernie)


Bernie is a Registered Financial Adviser answerable to the FMA (Financial Markets Authority). He has over 30 years experience in business and finance. He is a former bank manager, home owner, a successful property developer and investor. There's not much he can't tell you about the real estate business. Here's what he says when asked why people should use him to organise their home and investment loans.


"1.  I own the business. This means:

     a. You get the boss not a sales hack.

     b. The buck stops with me.

     c. I’ll still be here when you need me again.

     d. It's me who answers the phone, not a machine or

         someone from overseas.

     e. You can call me anytime and I won’t mind.

     f.  I’m motivated. No salary for me, if I don’t get your deal

         through or don’t make

        you happy, I make no money from the bank.


2.  I have over 30 years of experience in business and banking. I know my stuff and how to deliver it. You will get a Home Loan that suits your individual circumstances, not a "product" sold by front line bank workers.


3.  Investing? I’m an investor. I’ve had good investments and bad ones and I now know the difference. This experience is yours to tap into, free.


4.  Building your own home? I did and won the Supreme Master Builders Home of the Year Award in 1997. Pick my brains.


5.  I'm a big little guy. I'm allied to an elite group of like-minded brokers who share ideas and knowledge. This group also gives me the bargaining power with the banks and lenders which benefits you.


6.  During my long years in business I have built a network of trusted experts in every field important to your interests. I can plug you into that network.


7.  My business is highly valued by important banks whose representatives have taken me to lunch, sports events and showered me with all kinds of gifts to encourage me to send them more great deals.

       a. This doesn’t work. The deal goes to one of the many

           lenders I use that suits YOU not them, or me.

       b. But it does give me the clout to get YOU a better



8.  In my spare time, I’m an entertainer/musician with the Custodians. This is good because:

       a. It’s fun to deal with me.

       b. You can come and listen to my band any weekend at

           the major clubs in town.

       c. It gives me a perspective no one else in this business

          has. I’m not chained to the world of finance, so my

          advice is fresh and relevant."

      Various people recommended Bernie as an independent mortgage advisor that understood the industry well and would provide good advice on what lending options were available.


Bernie offered to visit us at home at a time convenient to us.  He came well prepared and with an open mind keen to understand our particular situation.  By asking the right questions, Bernie was able to determine the best lending option for us and recommend an optimum loan structure.


In a market where banks were tightening lending criteria, Bernie was able to use his experience and


connections to secure favourable lending terms.


Bernie took care of organising all the necessary paper work to arrange the finance and ensured that the sale purchase occurred smoothly.  


We were extremely happy with the professional advice and level of service provided.  


We will without a doubt use Bernie’s services in the future.


Petar and Patricia Misic

These are just some of the satisfied customers we've cared for over the years. But what about people in the industry? What do they think?

       Hi Bernie,

the move went as well as could be expected.  Unfortunately, we worked late into Friday night and missed your gig in Beachlands.  We will watch out for your next event.  We would be more than happy to pass on your details and you will be the first person we contact if our mortgage circumstances change.


Thank you again for the huge effort you put in to get us the best deal.


Hope to keep in touch.


Kind regards,

David and Christine.

     Thanks again Bernie for what you have done, and the awesome advice you given us and we are sure to stick to it, so to improve our wealth in the future....


Only wish we had of called you two years ago, but it's a lesson well learnt.....


Thanks and will talk soon..


We also could not of done this without mum and dad....And we thank them very much and will not let them down...xx



Shane and Lisa

   My wife and I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks and regards to Bernie for his excellent work in arranging two mortgages for us. We really appreciated his professionalism, responsiveness and promptness. We already recommended Bernie to one of our close family members for whom Bernie secured a mortgage to their satisfaction. We will definitely recommend Bernie to our family members and friends. Why pay someone when Bernie can secure the right loan for you free of charge and hassles?


Jamal Alsamarrai & Soha Albazi

October 2011.



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