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Buying Your First Home

Upgrading To A Better Home

Thinking Of Refinancing?

You're not alone. Up to a third of all bank customers are changing banks at any one time. There are often good reasons to do so. Generally we Mortgage Advisers find that customers get treated better as a new customer. Find out how to change quickly and easily without hassles.  Learn More

Investment Properties

Whether you are an experienced investor or new to the game, it's handy to have a Mortgage Adviser who is also a property investor. MortgageWise has settled countless loans for investor clients and has an investment portfolio of its own so we are in a great position to offer good advice on investment loans when it comes to considering entering the rental property market.

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Loans To Build

You've decided you want a brand new home. Do you buy a house and land package or get one built? What are the financial and loan implications? How will your resources be managed? Which is best for you? It's a complex process that is made much easier with the assistance of a Mortgage Adviser who has built his own houses. it's experience that counts and it's yours to plug into.

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Low Doc Loans 

A number of options are open for those who cannot or choose not to disclose their income. There are non-bank lenders willing to back the right people when the deal is a good one.


Whether you are self employed and your books are not ready yet or you're an investor with lots of equity but you only want the rent to count as income, there's a solution.


Each case is treated on its merits, so a call to MortgageWise could be a wise choice.

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Thinking of selling up and upgrading? This is great time to review your options. Do you sell first then buy or buy first then sell? How does a bridging loan work? What are the costs and is it a good idea? Should you change banks? Get a qualified Mortgage Adviser to sort out your choices.

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The biggest hurdle to buying your first home is often having the right deposit, especially if you live in Auckland. Some loans up to 90% are available and there are other ways to get started on the property ladder with the help of families. You may qualify for a Kiwi Saver subsidy of up to $10,000 or a Housing Corporation Welcome Home Loan. But there's a lot to know about buying your first home. Get tailored advice from a Mortgage Adviser (popularly known as a mortgage broker*) to find out your best option.  Learn More

If you are finding it difficult to track and manage a variety of different loans, credit cards, store cards and other debts, perhaps it's time to consider consolidating them into one easily managed loan tailor-made for you to optimise your available income.

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Consolidate Your Debt

Perhaps you'd like to top up your home loan for that boat or caravan you've been looking at, or perhaps the house needs some work. Maybe even consolidate some high interest debt? If you have equity in your home it's a simple matter to sort it all and while we're at it, your great mortgage adviser can review your mortgage to see if it's working as well as it could for you.

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Top Up Your Mortgage

Smart Loans

Some people want to get rid of their mortgage as soon as they've got it. Good news! At MortgageWise I can help you do that and show you how to save hundreds of thousand of dollars over the life of your loan! Becoming mortgage free quickly is simply a matter of planning and discipline. Let me demonstrate it in your own home. You'll be impressed!

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Lender's Advertised Rates Are Not The Full Story

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Thanks Bernie!

From: Anika Stratton []

Sent: Thursday, December 18, 2014 9:54 PM

To: Bernie

Subject: Thank you


Hi Bernie

I couldn't end my day without thanking you again. Thank you so much for putting up with me through this journey and getting me over the hurdles that came along the way. You have been amazing and I will be forever thankful.


Merry Christmas to you and your family Bernie, I hope you are looking forward to a nice break, no doubt there will come a day where we will be in contact again! In the meantime I wish you all the best!

Kindest Regards


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4th April 2015


Hi Bernie:) We would like to thank you so much for everything you have helped us with to get us into our first home! We know it wasn't the easiest and reallyappreciate the lengths you went to, above and beyond. We are stoked!


Cheers from the Smiths

"My husband and I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to you both for all the hard work you both did in helping us with our mortgage(s). We really appreciated the professionalism and kindness you showed us..." more


The Mattsons

"Thanks again Bernie for what you have done, and the awesome advice you given us and we are sure to stick to it, so to improve our wealth in the future...."  more


Shane and Lisa

"Various people recommended Bernie as an independent mortgage advisor that understood the industry well and would provide good advice on what lending options were available.


Bernie offered to visit us at home at a time convenient to us.  He came well prepared and with an open mind keen to understand our particular situation.  By asking the right questions..." more


Petar and Patricia Misic

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Don't Expect Banks to Offer Their Best Deals Up Front


Many lenders advertise their interest rates at a "retail" level. And like many retailers they can give a discount for good deals. What these discounts amount to depends on their margins which can change from day to day. Now they are not going to give you their best discount just because you ask. Their primary function is to make money for their shareholders. No matter how friendly they seem, they will try to maximise their profit in your deal in their quest for high shareholder dividends.


Your Best Option


Their best deals are not advertised. So if you want to get the best discount or incentives, then you better know what their bottom line is. Since it's unlikely that you spend your days tracking down the required data, a sensible option is to get me your Mortgage Adviser to negotiate for you. Why not? You need to pay me anything for the service.

Why We Get The Best Deals


I have a pretty good idea how far they are prepared to go to get your business. Bank's margins can change daily. Perhaps today they can offer a bigger discount than yesterday or vice versa. This is handy to know when I am negotiating rates and incentives for you. It means you will get the best deal going an any particular day. You see, although the lender pays me, I work for you the customer (by law) not them.


Trust me to get you the best deal possible.


There's comfort in knowing you're not paying more than you need to for your home loan.


I am on your side.


*What's the difference between a mortgage broker and a mortgage adviser?

It's a popular misconception that we are all mortgage brokers.  In the last few years the Financial markets Authority which governs the actions of people operating in the fields of finance, investment and insurance established categories to describe them more accurately.  So the term mortgage broker has no real status anymore in terms of the way we now operate.  We are all either Registered, Authorised or Qualified Financial Advisers.  We also do more for customers now than simply farming out your application to lots of banks looking for the best deal as so-called mortgage brokers used to in the past.  We seek to understand your financial situation now and in the future, discover what your goals and aspirations are and advise you on how these can best be met using the products banks have to offer.  Sometimes we will suggest interim solutions that can act as a stepping stone to achieving your goal.

Important Legal Notice:


Mortgage Advisers (popularly known - incorrectly - as Mortgage Brokers) are required to keep up with the latest educational requirements and keep their qualifications up to date.  This involves ongoing education and structured learning.  Because these changes are recent and the public still refer to us as Mortgage Brokers we are happy to answer to that call but you will be brought up date with our role at our initial meeting.

Whether you want me to use your own bank or any bank at all, it's a wise choice to get somone on your side who's an expert at putting it all together - especially if doesn't cost you anything!

Having me on your side is like having a good mate in the trade - I'm going to get you the best deal possible including interest rate discounts and cash back incentives. AND, I'll set it up so you can get rid of it again as fast as possible.

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